2. context

Heidegger (1889–1976) 

Being and Time

︎Dasein — the word being is meant to emphasize that human existence is an activity more than a state or condition.

Joachim Sauter, ART+COM and Deutsche Telekom


a “networked virtual representation of the earth based on satellite images and aerial shots.”

De Gruyter 


Re-inventing Privacy Through Subversive Media Strategies


︎       CONTEXT
︎        METHOD
︎                WIP

The works on show range from avant-garde masks to pieces that force open a dialogue with facial recognition software, surveillance cameras and drones. Themes included are seduction, surveillance and privacy.

2013, Time-Lapse: Unique Ultraviolet Cured Inkjet Print
(c) Ben DeHaan

“By subverting a digital production method, I am exploring how the photographic subject matter is transformed as control is released and the photograph itself responds to forces in the physical world. By allowing the inks to remain in their fluid, uncured state, these variables begin to shift the subject matter’s role in the image and to create a visual experience beyond exact replication of a file."

——— Ben DeHaan

‘#7, faceBOOK’
(c) Eva-Maria Raab

Trevor Paglen

Trevor Paglen, Prototype for a Nonfunctional Satellite (Design 4; Build 4), 2013. Courtesy of the artist

Trevor Paglen imagined launching a reflective, nonfunctional satellite into low Earth orbit, the Nevada Museum of Art claims that his artistic gesture could help to change the way we see our place in the world.

Hito Steyerl

How Not to Be Seen: A Fucking Didactic Educational. MOV

James Bridle

Rafaël Rozendaal


Y2K Aesthetic Institute


Y2K bug/glitch/error refers to TECHNOLOGICAL MELTDOWN, potential computer errors related to the formatting and storage of calendar data for dates in and after the year 2000.

Instead of allowing four digits for the year,
many computer programs only allowed two digits (e.g., 99 instead of 1999)


Luminous. 09-10.01. Tokyo

Jürgen Ziewe

New Territories

:The Computer Visions Of Jurgen Ziewe